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11 April 1998:An Easter message
23 May 1998:Why is this page suddenly attracting hits from all over the world? Mail here if you feel like telling me how you found this site.
24 May 1998:The mystery revealed
25 May 1998:MIT exposed as the home of Darth Vader
6 June 1998:President Clinton avoids all major issues at MIT Commencement
12 July 1998:WORLD EXCLUSIVE! Photo obtained of Princess Diana moments before her fatal car accident!
24 December 1998:Electronic greeting card service
29 May 1999:From hotlink to hosting: we present the John Safran TV Pilots courtesy of Robert Whyte. Fuck censorship!
12 October 1999:Announcing the Orange Fist Campaign's essential article of anti-administration apparel
22 December 1999:New electronic greeting card design added
1 August 2000:Upcoming Terminator movie plots leaked
10 October 2001:United States devastated by fanatic religious attacks, counters with religious fanaticism
6 October 2002:A match made in heaven? Osama bin Laden vs. Jesus
5 May 2005:Catholic Church supremo Pope Benedict XVI revises the Lord's Prayer for the new millennium

Today's hotlink: The Semantics of Swearing

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